Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Month of Improvement: Number 2 -- Automate Court Information

Idea Number 2:

Automate the download of court information to the office and the communication of that information to the client.

This is actually something that I've been working on for years.  I had my own software built and used it for awhile.  Since then, Bestcase Bankruptcy Software as come up with an addition to their software called MyECF which I had an opportunity to beta test.  It is excellent software as far as it goes.

I'm looking for even more automation from the data I receive daily from the Court.  Since the nature of my practice gives me daily information on everything that is filed on my cases with the court.  I want to be able to automate my responses to my clients, so that they know before they ever get anything in the mail from the Court that their attorney is on top of the case and already knows about it and if possible, has already dealt with whatever has been filed.

This would make the office unparalleled.

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